Friday, March 19, 2010

Day Two: Hanging On

I'm writing this while listening to the cute meows from the kitchen- it's dinner time! I'm (almost) getting weak at the knees listening to baby Nekro's purring for food. While Katsers seems to still be a little nervous, Nekro is already gobbling down her fair share of wet food. All the cats seem to be adjusting well, playing well, and eating well. Nekro even slept on Brian last night!! *jealous*

The itinerary for today is as follows:

10 am: Manicure

12 noon: Snacktime!

2 pm: Cat Nap!

4 pm: Fishing Trip


1 comment:

  1. lol nekro is just so much more gutsy than katzerz. When theyre home katzerz always eats after nekro is already half way done! The pictures are adorable and I love the schedule youve set up for them. It seems like theyre having more fun at your house then they do at home! maybe kitty playdates in the future?