Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One

While I was at work, Scarlet dropped her cats off. I got home, and went searching for them high and low, looking in all of the 'usual' spots; the laundry room, the spare room, all the closets, behind the couches, in the bathtubs, even the cabinets! I couldn't find these darn cats. The only one in plain sight was my mama's boy, Frank.

I finally found Sammy under our bed, but still couldn't find any trace of Nekro or Katsers. After examining the couch from several angles, I noticed a little bulge in the back. I thought I had found one. I pulled at the velcro on the back of the couch, and found both of them, huddled together. I tried to pet them, and get them to come out, but there was no use. I figured I'd give my brave kittens a delicious snack, and managed to coax Nekro out from inside the couch with tantalizing turkey snacks. Sammy came down, and they stared at her as she hissed. When push comes to shove, it seems like Katsers is the only puss I have in the house.


  1. Awww, they're cute. It's pretty normal for a cat to be petrified when you first bring them to a new place. I usually start new fosters in a small bedroom or similar area that is closed off so they aren't bothered by the other animals and can't hide too well. If you give them a crate or box to hide in, they'll probably appreciate that (although it seems your couch works quite well too!)

  2. Whenever we introduce new cats, we usually keep them separated at first (usually behind closed doors). After a few days, we take something that has each cat's scent (a towel or something it's been sleeping on; you can also "scent" a towel by rubbing the cat with it) and let the other cat smell it. But we don't let them see each other yet. They may get curious and sniff under the door, and that's okay. Eventually, we will open the door a crack, so that they can see each other (kind of an "a-ha" moment for them ... oh, so THAT'S what is in that room!). Sometimes there's a bit of hissing and such, but that's okay.

    We have a baby gate (sometimes it's good to have two - one on top of the other, if you have good jumpers), which we put up so they can see each other. Sometimes they decide to both lay right by the gate or whatever. If they do, we watch to see how they are reacting to each other, see if there's any aggression, fear or whatever. The baby gate can come down once they seem to be cool with each other. The amount of time the whole process takes totally depends upon the cats and how they react to each other.

    In any case, do make sure the newly introduced cat can always has access to that room while they are with you ... it will most likely be their "safe" space when they feel nervous or scared. :)