Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day Three: Home Stretch

 Today was Nekro's birthday!
She is one year old.
She had a blast: all the wet food and treats she could eat, lots of lovin', and tons of play time!

So today was also our final day with Nekro and Katsers. They've only been away for maybe an hour, and I already miss trying to coax them out of my couch. Is that pathetic or what? The cats were a lot more vocal than my cats, and I loved listening to their cute little meows. ADORABLE!

So this is what we did on our final day:





  1. I'll bet if you have to watch them again, they'll be more comfortable. Looks like they warmed up quickly though. Great job in helping a friend.

  2. Happy Birthday Nekro! It's great to see how quickly they became comfortable there.

    Also you asked how quickly my fosters get adopted... it depends. The cute easy ones like Riley usually go within two to three weeks - sometimes sooner. The more difficult ones like Ziggy or adult cats can take many months - sometimes longer.

  3. what a GREAT opportunity and experience for you and your kitties!! how fun that there was no hissing or territory issues. you have a great two!!

  4. lol I love the pictures! thanks so much for taking care of them! Nekro probably had a better birthday with you than she wouldve at my house. :( lol. I think they miss you. I know katzerz does!