Friday, March 12, 2010

Practicing the Basics

An opportunity has presented itself for me to get some practice introducing my cats to foreign cats. My good friend Scarlet is leaving for San Fransico on Wednesday, the 17th, and has asked me to care for her cats, Nekro and Katsers, while she's gone.

I've taken in a lost cat before, which I later found was actually my neighbor's cat, but didn't have him long enough to let the cats get to know each other. I'm really excited to see how my cats react to having company. Especially since one of them, Nekro, is still pretty much a kitten, and Frank likes to play and be rambunctious.

This should be fun!

Nekro and Katsers


  1. I bet you'll have some tired kitties on your hands. :)

  2. Thanks for visiting our blog, and for your comment! I think it's awesome that you want to be a cat foster mom. :)

    Yes, you can totally do this, so don't let some stick in the mud at the SPCA or some Criag's List grump deter you. It can be hard sometimes, but in the end, I'm fairly confident you'll find yourself blessed and even transformed by the experience! Oh, and be sure to listen to Dog Foster Mom, because she has lots of experience and wisdom about these things!

    We look forward to following your blog, and reading about your experiences.