Monday, July 12, 2010

Dog On Hold

So I've been helping a friend of mine find a small poodle to replace one that had passed a few months ago. We've been searching the perfect dog for a couple weeks, and we've come across a few. Every time we get committed to seeing a dog- something always goes wrong.

I emailed FUPI (Forclosed Upon Pets Inc.) about Woody just a few days ago. I received this response:

"Hi, I am very sorry but Woody is in a  foster to adopt home right now. If things work out Woody will be adopted by the family. I suggest that you look at other dogs on our web site and see is there may be a good match."

We went to Lied to look at Cory specifically. We took our sweet time, went through the cat kennels, and the exotics and as we approached Cory's kennel noticed that he was being taken out for a walk. No. He was being taken home by the woman who adopted him just minutes before we got there.

 At first, we weren't really interested in female dogs, but she was such a sweetheart. When we went to Lied, we were interested in seeing Cory. After we found out that Cory had a home, we had left the shelter. Later that night, I looked for Juicy on PetFinder, and she was already adopted.

So we went back to Lied, and saw a few other dogs, nothing really caught our eye. I took Bianca to the back of house to show her the kittens and cats that I help foster, and took her through the dogs that were put on hold (when animals arrive, there is a 72 hour hold placed on them to give owners time to reclaim their pets before they are sent to adoptions). We found the most adorable 2-3 month old toy poodle puppy!! He was to be put on hold until July 11th, and then sent to adoptions at 11am. I made sure we were on time, and had all the correct paperwork only to be told that not only was he unavailable, but that there was a list of 10 people who already wanted him. 

Needless to say, we are pretty discouraged. As an affiliate of a shelter, I know that dogs come and go all the time, but I still hope to get Porsche..

UPDATE: Unfortunately, someone who also had connections to Lied adopted 'Porsche'. We will keep hunting.

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