Monday, July 5, 2010


(or so it seemed)
So over the weekend, we've noticed slight improvements. Most kittens and mom cat seem to be getting better; however, 4 kittens all seem to be getting worse. Goopy eyes and dehydration have set in. We took them to the shelter vet in the morning, hoping for the best. Much to my dismay, the vet brought out IV treatments and began giving them fluids. Am I at a private vet? Wait.. I'm still at the shelter?! NO WAY! I was prepared to say goodbye to my sweet babies, but they really went the extra mile to save my fluffballs. I had the stupidest grin on my face. Brian was happy, too.
In closing, although they still look sad and sick in my photos, they at least look ALIVE. We're trying our best to pull through this infection, savoring every drop of eye treatment (which is on back-order, and we are incredibly thankful to have acquired the gooey half tube that the staff scoured the shelter for). This is our treatment regimen: wet food: sometimes with probiotic sprinkles or nutri-cal frosting, antibiotics, homemade pedialyte, Little Noses: decongestant nose drops, eye cream, occasional steam treatments, living in the bathrooms, tons of purrs, and lots of love.

Please purr for my babies.


  1. Awe they are so cute! I am praying for them to get better!

  2. for me the magical treatment of 'shelter cold' is L-lysine.

    It totally works! Beth from Toronto Cat Rescue told me about it as one of my foster cats was sick. Took a few days but it worked. I was only giving the foster cat L-lysine that's how I know it worked.

    I would break open a capsule and sprinkle over the wet food and mix it in.

    You can purchase at health food stores.

  3. Thanks so much! I'll do a little research and get on that. The shelter runs out of medicine all the time, and it'd be nice to keep a little secret stash of 'healthy' in my cabinet. =)