Saturday, May 22, 2010

Totally Innocent

The weather outside is beautiful, I looked at the pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and decided to invite Brian to a nice breakfast out. On the way back, I decided to make a bit of a detour out to a strip mall down the street, where they have a Borders, Petco, and Best Buy among other shops. I wanted to go see the adoption drives, to (hopefully) talk with some foster families. The shelters that provided the animals didn't really have any representatives there, so we were just strolling around looking at the animals..
Well.. Brian decided to fall in love with one.. kind of.. it was more of a pitty love. It's a male Pekingese, around ten years old, whose owner fell too ill to take care of him. We didn't even realize it was a him till I was already signing paperwork. Thank goodness Brian decided to take pity on an animal from a (kill) shelter that only had a $65 adoption fee. We talked it over, and ten minutes later I'm outside getting the crate I keep as part of my 'rescue kit' out of the trunk.

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  1. OMG how cute and how wonderful of you guys!!! Congratulations.