Thursday, May 20, 2010


I formally dedicate this post to my A/C, who has kept me cool in the week of 90 degree weather.

It's been a week full of concern for animal welfare.

First I'd like to reintroduce the lady who runs the foster program that initially told me that I wasn't fit to foster. She has posted ads up trying to grow her foster program, "desperate" for homes. I posted a reply of my concerns with the program: that they turn away good homes, ask for an adoption and surrendering fee, refuse to provide their foster homes with any material, and are reluctant to give information on the animals they foster out. It's been a back and forth via email for a few days now, and I have gotten several emails from friendly fosters thanking me for sharing my thoughts, with one inviting me to what seemed to be an ideal rescue organization! Needless to say, I applied right away.

The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society is the rescue I'm looking to foster for. Not only can I save helpless little kittens, but can also participate in BAKE SALES! I consider myself a great master home baker, and if you ever have the opportunity to try my infamous Red Velvet Cupcakes, you'll beg me to foster you in my home.

Lastly, I took the foster family to the vet yesterday. They all seem to be in great shape, even though they aren't yet eating wet food on their own. I intend on getting them weaned to kibble in the next week, but we'll see how that works out.


  1. Awe :) I hope you can find a rescue to foster for that you are happy with. That is insane how this one group doesn't even want to provide anything!! I just got a new bunch in 2 nights ago! I will 'unveil' them soon ;) They are premies!!!!

  2. aww.... what a lovely family! they're sooo cute!