Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 13

So I feel bad that the kittens don't have 'real' names. Right now, on our weigh in chart, their names are: Baby, Gray, Crooked Tail, and Tan, and the mom cat is Mama. I'm not even sure if they named the mom while she was at the shelter! I believe I'm supposed to name them, and write a little paragraph about their personalities to put on their shelter paperwork. This is what I have so far:
 Likes to do weird things; suck on hands, lick bedding, and scratch.

 Enjoys cuddling, and napping the day away..

Crooked Tail
The boss, likes to EAT, and claw your eyes out while doing it. 

 Fragile; slow developer, just started to open ONE eye today.

#1 Mom, super sweet, chairman of the Fancy Feast Elegant Melodys fanclub.

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