Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 4

I've only had the kittens for 3 days, and I can already see the growth. Their paws have gotten so big! Mama has been really good with allowing us to handle the kittens. Every once in a while I fill up a water bottle with hot water, cover it in a towel, and toss it in the back of the crate, in case the babies are getting too cold.
Last night, Bri and I noticed that one of the babies had a 'broken' tail. It was hard to look at, it looked so painful. The poor guy's tail had a 90 degree angle in it, but it wasn't slowing him down a bit. We were a little worried, and I tried to get hold of my foster coordinate, but when we couldn't reach her, I researched it, and found that it's usually just a simple birth defect. I even read that kittens with broken tails get adopted FASTER, because of their 'unique' quality.

I had another scare this afternoon. One of the babies looked smaller than the rest, so I took away two of the "fat" kittens, which gave him a little more space to nurse. Apparently, that's nothing to worry about either, it's common to have a runt in the litter.

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