Thursday, July 1, 2010

Buddy's New Teeth: Part 2

So I took Buddy to the vet on Tuesday, and was told he could have his teeth worked on the following morning. I really wanted to take him home that night and give him all the things he would love and miss while he's away, and (frankly) I didn't want him spending another night in the shelter. Unfortunately, Brian and I both leave EARLY in the morning, so I left him at the shelter, as the vet suggested.
 Although it's "against my religion" to donate to a kill shelter, I wanted to relieve them of the expenses of the operation. When I told her I wanted to make a monetary donation, the vet pulled me aside and told me that money donated to the shelter goes straight to the city, and not necessarily given back to the animals. I was told that if I REALLY wanted to help, they are in dire need of cat toys, I was also told that although they don't usually do public fostering, I could put down my name and that would be the most helpful thing I could do for them.
I'm doing both!


  1. great work!! kill-shelters really do need as many fosters as possible to help them lower the number of animals euthanized.