Saturday, June 12, 2010

My Little Secret

So I've been letting the kittens out of their room. 
I can't stand listening to the kittens cry, and scratch to get out of their room! I have apologized to the carpet seam directly under the door, which has been torn, and covered with duct tape to prevent future destruction. How big of a room do these three kittens need?! There ongoing cries make me feel like they don't have enough space- they have an entire guest/kid sized room to themselves, with their own couch and two makeshift playhouses! I'm always paranoid, and watch them like a HAWK whenever they're out. (Don't worry- they don't chew wires!)
Also, I can't manage to get the kittens weaned onto dry food. They love wet food, and they'll eat it mixed with a TON of dry food, but when I leave just dry food out, they won't eat a single kibble. They're supposed to go back this week- HELP!


  1. Awe aren't they so fun to watch running around!
    I have the same thing right now with my little ones and I am mixing in dry food. I am slowly changing the ratio of wet to dry and although they aren't thrilled, they eat when they are hungry!

  2. I'm proud to announce, I have had success starving them of wet food- and only offering dry food, and it worked! I still feed them a few cans every now and then, cause I'm a sucker for cute!

  3. Hey! Stumbled upon your blog through House of Discarded, always love to hear tales of rescued animals (dontcha know, I always have a bunch too). Interesting page regarding wet vs. dry for cats is it changed my mind completely and now I feed my cats wet only, so take a look and maybe you too will not be so eager to get kittens on to dry! Ciao and good luck with kitties :)