Thursday, June 24, 2010

Buddy's New Teeth: Part 1

So, as many of you know, I adopted a pekingese from my local Petco. When I went in to get him his complementary check up, I was told he needed "about $500-$600 of dental work." When I told Brian, he said it was kind of expected, and he would gladly put it on his credit card. I had been anxious about the cost of this medical procedure for weeks, after all the dog is already into his life expectancy range. I was really stressing out..

I finally decided to email Henderson Animal Control and let them know how disappointed I was that this very obvious condition wasn't mentioned at the adoption drive. I expected an email scolding me for adopting a dog when I'm unable to afford medical treatment, but it was a pleasant surprise when I read this:

Thank you for your concern.  I spoke with our shelter Veterinarian this morning and she said she would take a look at the dog regarding his dental issues, if you would like to bring him by either Tuesday or Wednesday between 2-4 PM.  If you want to bring in your dog, please just email me back and let me know if one of these days will work for you and what time you can come in.  We may be able to take care of this problem for you, but we would like to get a look at the dog first.  Thank you for your concern.

Kathy Baker,
Police Administrative Specialist II, Henderson Animal Care & Control.