Saturday, April 24, 2010

Litter Love

I'm not ashamed of my love for litter- where would all the kitties of the world 'go' if there was no litter? In your shoes? On the carpet? In the garden? Yeah.. I'll stick with litter.

The kittens are playing and digging around in the litter, but nobody has has the guts to poo in it yet, which is making me a little anxious. It's like imagining kids in diapers til age 7.. Yuck!

It's also been a big litter day for my own kitties, Frank and Sammy. They got a 'new' litter box, handmade, with all the love in the world. It's supposed to imitate a top entry litter box that sells for $30 on amazon. I made it out of a large storage container, an old serrated kitchen knife, scissors, electrical tape, and an old towel. I cut a large hole in the lid of the storage container, taped the hole up with electrical tape (to cover sharp edges), cut a hole in an old kitchen towel, and taped the towel onto the lid, and added the litter. If anyone wants more precise directions, let me know.
 I've never been so anxious to see a kitty poo..

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