Thursday, April 15, 2010

Day 20

Yes, that's right! Today, the vet informed us that we were in possession of two females, and two male kittens! We've been trying to figure out their sex for weeks, but I could never tell for sure. The two gray kitties (Gray and Baby) are girls, while Tan and Broken Tail are boys. Figures, since the two tan ones are both fatties, and cry babies (if you're married.. you know what I'm talking about.. LOL)

Dr. Stone started them on antibiotics all around, since Baby was starting to get watery, crusty eyes. She told me that I was doing great with the baby, but that we weren't out of the woods yet. I was advised to supplement nursing with KMR (kitten milk replacement) and Nutri-Cal (a high calorie/fat syrup). Hopefully, next week she'll be doing even better so I can sleep at night.

PS: Today is Virgil Day on the House of Cats blog, where 25 cents per comment will be donated to a no-kill shelter, please take a second to post a short message!

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