Thursday, April 1, 2010

1 Week Old

These guys are getting HUGE, which only makes my little runt look smaller. It looks like she's making progress; she seems to have more energy, and fights harder than ever to suckle from mom. We're still hand-feeding a few times a day, just to supplement. Mom does a great job with everything else, which makes me believe that she's not defective, even though some have said her leg looks strange.

The others are starting to look more like kittens, and less like hamsters. Their ears have begun to lift, even the runt's ears are starting to stand up. Scarlet and I tried to sex them yesterday, but we could only tell on one, and made a really good guess on another. One is a boy, you really can't miss it, and the other looks like it'll probably be a girl. The following is a video of two of the 'fatties' wrestling. You can hear their little squeaks in the background every now and then. Enjoy!

UPDATE: So the runt weighs 50 grams. That's about the weight of ten nickles, or half as much as they should weigh at BIRTH. I'm back to panicking.

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  1. Wow she is sooo tiny. The two kittens wrestling is funny - I didn't know that they'd be so active at that age.